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Nov 17, 2015

This episode of Loud Sirens marks an important milestone: I talk with someone I've never met IRL! Lauren Oglesby, a singer-songwriter from Seattle and now living in New Orleans, chats with me about songwriting, why it's often easier to write music by yourself (rather than collaborating), her background in contemporary Christian music (and how she left the church), and how finding a new artist/album/etc. is like falling in love. 

You can find out more about Lauren here. I suggest you give her music a listen--she's super talented, and she recorded her project in GARAGE BAND (of all programs) and it still sounds fantastic. She'll be launching a kickstarter soon to support recording a new album, in a real studio this time. 

Nov 10, 2015

Today's guest is Jamie Varriale Velez, musician and historian extraordinaire! Our topic is "not punk enough," which covers a lot of ground in terms of identity, aesthetics, and discourse. Jamie's research on Los Crudos acts as a starting point for our free-ranging discussion of how identity politics works for some people (and not others) in the punk framework.